February 28, 2004

Hey Ya, Charlie Brown! (Quicktime movie) is one of the best edited bits of whimsy I've seen in a long time. Originally by Venis Productions, they got a Cease and Desist from United Media, as have some other sites hosting the clip. I think they'll be chasing this one forever, though....
  • It'd be a shame to disappear that. Absolutely brilliant!
  • Ahem. </curmudgeon>
  • Ahem. Alright, that's it ... I'm going to quit posting to Monkeyfilter until Google archives it somewhat better. Sorry to waste your time..... I did search extensively, I swear!
  • ..... I did search extensively, I swear! Make him star in a remake of The Passion of Christ! For what it's worth, the OPer spelled it "Hay ya." Maybe Pontius Pilate will be more forgiving.
  • It always surprises me when things like this get cease and desist orders - it appears companies don't really understand how things propogate on the internet - there is no stopping things once they're out.