February 28, 2004

Designer Vaginas. An "appearance gynaecology" clinic in Auckland offers a range of new treatments, including restoring hymens, vaginal rejuvenation, repairing damage from giving birth, liposuction and labial reconstruction.

I promise I'm not channelling beeswacky.

  • vulvafilter!
  • I was interested by this statement: "But for others, it was a matter of relieving physical discomfort." The fact is that childbirth and other stresses can really change a woman's vagain, cause incontinence though damaged muscles, etc. It can be helped with exercises, but surgery might be faster.
  • I think it would be good if they could make them look like celebrities. Y'know, like, here's Karen Carpenter, here's Beyonce, he.. here's.. Henry Kissinger..
  • Hi, Nostrildamus! *waves from the English Channel*
  • hey hey!
  • This, of course, has become a very popular type of cosmetic surgery here in the U.S. I've heard quite a few ads for it on the west coast. Especially in that bottom, left state.
  • Inebriation? Fear? Alienation? "bottom left state"?
  • Ha! California.