February 28, 2004

I normally HATE prank calls and "wacky" radio DJ's and easy potshots at racist idiots but THIS is just TOO good.
  • Wow. That sad, bigoted, nasty man uses the f-word as though he's trying to stab someone to death with a butter knife. I am reminded of the old "Love Night" episode of "TV Nation", in which Michael Moore sends an African-American chorus line to the Aryan World Congress, a mariachi band to the Klan rally, and a gay chorus to serenade Jesse Helms.
  • OH. MY. GOD. That was so friggin' funny. I was thinking to myself 'he MUST be a republican'. Then I thought to myself 'I hope he doesn't hang up and beat the crap out of his wife now'. Sounded like he was seconds away from a coronary. Thanks, forks, I almost peed my pants and had beer coming out my nose I laughed so hard.
  • Tease a redneck, bait a redneck, Not a brussels sprout. Ye know why I love vegetables? They seldom rave or shout.
  • That was hilarious. There's (almost) nothing funnier than baiting a racist. Brilliant. That last tirade was unbelievable! heheh
  • Oh man...that was great. He sounded like he was going to break out into tears at the end. Darshon: Definitely Republican. He said "Democratic ball-sucker" (which sounds like someone who'll take all comers (no pun intended)).
    And now you got me worried about his wife.
  • errr...please ignore previous comment about "Democratic". I just saw the title for the page. It's verr' late where I am, blame it on sleep deprivation please.
  • Funny stuff, but does anyone else think this was scripted? First, the guy didn't have a southern accent. I know that not every single last person in the south has a southern accent, but it seemed peculiar to me. Plus, you can't give out anyone's name on the air. I've been wrong before though. Also, why was this found on a site in Iceland?!?
  • I just found it sad. I suspect that it was fake. However, that people like that might exist is just depressing. If it is real it is depressing that the stupid dj's didn't call the guy a racist. If it is fake, then it is sad that people would spend their time writing such crap
  • Why should they call him a racist? I'm sure that guy is well aware of the fact that he is one; and he's probably proud of the fact.
  • I don't think it was fake. I'd prefer to think it was, and that there aren't people like that in the world, but there are. It made me sad too, until he started raving about how African-Americans will never let you change lanes and they never use their turn signals. I could practically see the froth coming out of his mouth. It was hilarious.
  • Also, why was this found on a site in Iceland?!? Looks like it came from a collection here.
  • If it was fake I'm sure they'd have twang'ed up the guy's accent, the fact that they didn't leads me to think it's real. Also you can't fake sheer rage like that. And if you don't think people are as bad as this, I wanna come live where you live.
  • No shit! Just where do you live, jccalhoun? It must be wonderful. There is no way that was fake. The guy sounded legit. It was funny how he sounded each time he answered the phone. Workin' hard to maintain! But the end was just too much. Far too many people like him in the world. Can you imagine how unhappy people like him must be. Bein' surrounded by all those colored's an'all.
  • "Do you know how many NASCAR fans are members of the NRA?" Did he just propose that were blacks to participate in NASCAR fans would result to gun violence?
  • I'm not trying to say that people like that do not exist. I'm just saying that while everyone else found it funny, I found it depressing. (I'm not trying to imply that there is anything wrong with finding humor in it, I'm just telling my reaction to it. I'm not a prude, it just didn't strike me as particuarly humorous) However, I would say that since there are a series of prank calls with this guy, it tends to make me suspect even more strongly that it is fake.
  • I thought it was fake just because the guys were having so much fun baiting him. "Shall we play the commercial again?...How about one more time?" It just didn't sound like a real survey phone call to me -- maybe they did get this guy on the phone and make him mad, but I don't think the scenario itself is genuine.
  • And jc, I couldn't stand listening to it. It was depressing and generally made me igry.
  • Well, it's clearly a prank call by wacky morning radio DJs. Whether it's scripted or not, I wouldn't be surprised either way. Monkeyfilter: Doin' the little car dance
  • See, this is what I mean. You can't let this sort of pure stupidity get to you. You *have* to mock idiots. You have to see the humour in it; the alternative is to become very sad, or go crazy. Y'see, the thing is, the human race is largely comprised of morons like this, unfortunately. You only have to look at the state of the planet to see that. To laugh at this is to rise above it, a social sanction against inflexible thinking.
  • Jc, where have you heard other prank calls with this guy in it? If so, then I would agree this is a fake. But I'm ok with believing it's real and messing with the guy. I like having a good laugh at the expense of others.
  • I just listened to two of the other mp3s available over at ebaum's (thanks armitage!) and I'm inclined to presume that this stuff is for real. As a Southerner myself, I've heard this sorta monologue from folks down here before. If it's not for real, I agree it is pretty heinous... furthering any sort of prejudice (and this would be anti-Southern) is some serious poo. on preview: listening to the "gay school" one, there's no way they could give the guy's kids names on the air. Well, this guy's a hell of an actor if this is fake...
  • I thought they were hilarious, till I listened to the "gay school" one. Messing round with the guy's kids like that was really beyond a joke.
  • Oh, boy. As a Yankee, I can tell you straight out there's NASCAR fans up here and some of them could easily express these kinds of opinions. It's NOT just Southerners.