February 28, 2004

A girl, her Ducati, and her blog. "The repetitive dream I hate the most is the one where I'm on a motorcycle and I crack the throttle and nothing happens so I have to start pedalling. If that isn't some subconscious sign of emotional impotency, I'll eat my hat."

As well as being a cut above the average blogger as a writer, women are kind of underrepresented in the on-line motorcycling world, so it's a pleasant find. And besides, Zina has some entertaining tales and an novel relationship with Islam as well.

  • My dog is bad. She did this yesterday while we were out...I simply lectured her with the Voice of Death. I don't know how effective it was, but she was shaking... The trouble with working at home is that you spend so much time alone you start doing stuff like belching out loud. Who's going to hear, right? Clearly, zz knows about things. Very likeable lady.
  • I had a dream about furry babies.
  • I like how Zina married her mechanic. I'm waiting for somebody better-versed in wit than I to come along and make a comment about that.
  • Yes, she is a good writer. Nice one!