May 31, 2006

Talk 2 Action Article via BoingBoing
  • Sorry set it up incorrectly title should have been "Christian video game kills heathens with extreme prejudice"
  • I cain't get to that thar link. The server is down.
  • yeah i was just there now its down. top of boing boing has a brief description.
  • Hmm, boingboing uses a new word I'm not familiar with "Ironicially". But I will use it! I like being ironicial.
  • Sadly despite the ugliness of its sound ironical is a valid word. Even sadder is that ironicial is not. The saddest thing of all time is watching an American getting it's head around sardonically. I jest.I also look forward to eating all the flesh of the f** *u*s that haven't accepted the truth and the light. There are fat nuts in America right?
  • *cough*
  • Oh noes.. the internet is finished. We shall all have to begin again.
  • Sorry, why was this deleted? The previous post, although on the same subject, was to a different and far less interesting article. Ah well. Hey, check out this screenshot from the game! It's good to know they won't be offending anyone with tasteful nudity.
  • Where's the other 50 posts?
  • > Sorry, why was this deleted? because it's potentially offensive to gun-toting, homicidal, pessimistic christian fundamentalists. or perhaps the censorship is justified in an inscrutably gratifying manner.
  • Oh, was it? Sorry, I'll un-eek it. I've been eek-happy for the last 24 hours.
  • I WIN MONKEYFILTER!!!!!111!!!!111!!!!
  • Er... I mean, thanks for listening Trac!
  • The eeked is un-eeked. The damned are un-damned. The cola is un-colaed. Un- is UnUn-. What is next?
  • better not :(
  • > What is next? what once was lost, has now been found. those left behind, are now unleft behind. amazing monkeyfilter, how sweet the sound... > Kid=Gone-inated? hmm, i think i saw posts later than those two.