May 31, 2006

Aw, hey, whattya know? Another pancake with Jesus on it! Anybody want to buy it?
  • Mammon from sellin' manna... Jesus is around here someplace -- what does He say about dousing His Image with Ontario #2 grade amber syrup?
  • Can I brand my butt with it? Will the faithful then make pilgrimages to my butt? The possibilities are endless!
  • Or -- OR -- you could use it in hand-to-hand combat, whack people across the face with it, and have a witty catch-phrase of "the Power of Christ compels you!" or "I'll turn the other cheek, biatch!" Heh heh.
  • I look forward to scouring Jesus' face with mighty gusto.
  • I want a waffle-iron with the face of Nickdanger saying "-amundo" on it.
  • Jesus is the only decent one. You really shouldn't mock him so. He won't hold it against you though. Just thought you should know.
  • I want a waffle-iron with the face of Nickdanger saying "-amundo" on it. THEN SEND ME MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • So it's... Wait for it... it's... PAN-THEISTIC! Or rather, pan-the-no-stick Not to be confused with pan-th'ag-no-stick
  • I've always wanted a chia pet of my own head...
  • TUM, you're just too high-brow for this crowd. Time to break out the dick jokes!
  • So when will the Mothra edition be coming out? Likewise the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
  • TUM! aaaarrgghhh!!!!
  • i love this. ordering one for a friend, now!
  • I will worship the Flying Waffle Monster from now on!
  • I want to order three. With an egg. Over easy. Plenty of syrup, please.
  • pan-th'ag-no-stick Hey! Cthulhu F'thag'n no stick? Man, my puns suck this late in the day. Suxors, even.
  • The theological implications are simmering!