May 31, 2006

Link Wikipedia and Google Maps Put a pin in a Google Map, and link it to a Wikipedia entry.

We all know about Wikipedia, the encyclopedia that everyone can edit. Placeopedia allows you to put a pin in a Google Map, and link it to a Wikipedia entry. You can flag interesting things in your area, and it encourages input both ways: browsing Wikipedia and wanting to pin an article to a map, and browsing your local area map and wanting to give people more info. It may encourage people to create Wikipedia articles for their locality, and subject them to the scrutiny of the WikiHiveMind. There are other social mapping sites, for example Wikimapia, which allows you to highlight areas rather than points, but the wiki function only allows for a short comment. Placeopedia is brought to you by MySociety, who also run some very good civic UK projects, like the very cool WriteToThem.

  • What does pedopedia mean?
  • Just Crap. Claims wiki is getting nudged. Fuck off David Shariatmadari. Article makes him seem rather twat like. Edge Bollocks. Significant logical errors. Nice writing style, massive self deprecation then.. attack. Jaron Lanier has crap hair, best thing is if you read all the way to end, the editor makes a funny.
  • I'm afraid I'm operating at a very simple level. "Isn't it nice to be able to link a map that everyone* can look at to an encyclopedia entry that everyone* can edit" (* everyone with an internet connection, and the relevant permissions) I have no delusions of utopia.
  • WiFi google map thingy Agreed muteboy, but everything has an arc, dunnit?
  • Google Maps Pedometer, and no it doesn't detect pederasts, dude. Do you mean that for every thing there is a season? Wikipedia is on the way out? A backlash was inevitable after the fuss last year, I guess.