February 28, 2004

Oh, the Rhodes to Ruins: Ancient Ephesus is only one of many classical relics on this site, sponsored by the Turkish government. There are also other materials, as for instance this, featuring a downloadable Guide to Ephesus.

Perfect for armchair travellers, inquisitive monkeys, or anyone thinking of escaping this northern winter, or contemplating a trip to the Mediterranean during an Olympic summer.

  • [banana]
  • from an enduring student of classical architecture, thank you!
  • I highly recommend a visit to Ephesus; it gives a sense like no other place I've been of what a real metropolis was like (other big ancient cities are covered by modern ones) and a premonition of what (say) New York may be like in a couple of thousand years. Be prepared for lots of other tourists, though.
  • Wow!
  • I still like this post even though not many seemed to enjoy it.
  • I wouldn't say that. Low comment volume doesn't mean the post wasn't enjoyed, just that no one could think of anything to say, or else no one derailed it with a detailed discussion about Hitler or boobs or Hitler's boobs. It was indeed a darn fine post, bees.
  • Would you buy me a ticket, Homunculus? Plane ticket, I mean. I'll buy the ticket for the play.