May 30, 2006

Lost and found. 14 yr old kid's wallet found, right where he dropped it in 1971. (No word on a circ-circ-circular impression.) [via obscurestore]
  • So St. Francis High School haven't cleaned under their bleachers for 35 years? Wonder what the hell else was down there? suspects new ecosystems
  • Aliens live under bleachers. I saw it in The Faculty.
  • Why do they call 'em 'bleachers'?
  • I would like to take this opportunity of informing viewers that a current 14-year-old was not alive in 1971. The story is thus busted.
  • Or is it that he's no longer 14 years old, which wouldn't really surprise me, because time flies when we're having fun on the Internets.
  • I think it's because, on the outdoor version, you get bleached by the sun.
  • I wonder how many times people asked him "Well where did you lose it?"
  • A lot of people have lost things under the bleachers when they were 14 years old that they will never get back....sort of a biological impossibility....
  • "Plus, there wasn't any money in it." Gary still hasn't learned that a found wallet carries no cash.
  • Wallet returned after 40 years.
  • And he used a wallet to carry all that crap? Damn.
  • ... well, did anyone find my watch ('can take a licking and keep on ticking') that just walked out of my school locker so mysteriously?
  • Six feet worth of class rings wrapped with yarn. No Quid! I will not go steady with you.
  • Well, there may be hope yet for that 'lost socks' thread...
  • I took your watch, Bees. I had a big crush on you and convinced my best friend to jimmy your locker open & steal it as a momento, giggle! I sleep with it under my pillow.
  • Yeah, I'd say this is a case of non-existent or lazy cleaning services. 'Bout 6 yrs ago, while living in toronto, I had a friend visit from the UK. We proceeded to hop along 3 bars. I panicked at the last one, realizing my bag (I always carry a knapsack with most of my life in it) was gone. Okay, so I backtracked where we'd been, I inquired, I looked around, I left my phone number with the keeps/managers to call if they found it. Riiiiight....nothing doing. So I went around getting new id cards, atm etc. One day at work, *precisely* 1 year later, I get a call; "Hello, is this Radio?" "Er, yes, may I ask who's calling?" "I work at *yaddayaddabar* and we found your knapsack" "Oh?? Holy crap, you know I lost it there a year ago..." "That's impossible" "Uh, no, it's true." She didn't believe me. *shrugs* or maybe she just didn't want to admit the lack of organization or whatever at the establishment. Anyway - Cue me going down to the bar after work to retrieve my knapsack in all it's now unholy-stenched glory (a yr of ciggies and booze and god knows what else).... Apparently, it had been behind an arcade machine right beside the table we'd been at. For a year. And no one noticed. It was disgustingly filthy etc. But I must say I was happy to know it hadn't been stolen. So, go figure.