May 29, 2006

A lesson on cleaning your hard drive before selling your computer. Amir sells his old laptop, claiming it works fine when it doesn't. The buyer, apparently unable to reclaim his money, finds some rather personal content on the laptop's hard drive including a doctored passport and lots of photos of women's legs.
  • i am going to try not to enjoy this too much... but tracy, honey, i posted this already...
  • Wait, wait. I don't get it... was the site created by the seller or the buyer?
  • Created by the buyer. I didn't catch this the first time, es el Queso! Ironic Justice, hooray!!
  • Oh, damn. I haven't read the Daisy May thread in months. But it was in a comment, so ha!
  • fine, go ahead, pee on my parade, if you can...
  • Barbie does not pee. And if she did it would smell like strawberries.
  • I read this in eselQ's comment the other night and wasted a long time reading comments to that blog. There's a lot of racist people in there pretending they aren't racists. I think someone even had the dumbnuts to say, "It's not a racist thing it's a culturist thing." I'm converting back to misanthropy. It smells like strawberries in here.
  • Amir got pwned.
  • Monkeyfilter: It smells like strawberries in here Monkeyfilter: Justify your censorship double post however you please
  • oh, snap!
  • I haven't read the Daisy May thread in months. *an eerie dread creeps over him at thought of what fresh hell may break loose now*
  • at the bottom of the page:
    someone made the point that i should try to get some of my money back with a paypal donate button. so if youre feeling especially charitable, why not give me a few pence?! anything will do!
    i hate to be the skeptic, but...?
  • I second InsolentChimp. Some people are airing some pretty unpleasant views in those comments. "That woman's legs look fat!". Plus the repeated homophobic & straight-up racist remarks, and the suggestions to 'track him down'. The seller is probably a dishonest idiot, fine, but stick to that. I think the problem is the air of public humiliation/Two Minutes Hate over the whole thing is encouraging some ugly reactions. I've been Muteboy. Why can't we all get along?
  • Yeah - the initial post was funny, and the sock puppets calling the site owner a "peodofile" would normally leave Amir wide open, but the icky racism and homophobia being exhibited by some of the posters has turned any glee at the righteous pwning into ash in the mouth, at least for me.
  • mmmm delicious ashes
  • He he. Living Hell. heheheh
  • Nice to know it actually had an impact. Yay vigilante justice! (I really hope all the details were true, otherwise it's just victimisation.)
  • Not removed, still there, but police investigating 'hate' website