May 24, 2006

Golden Girls Turn Hobos Into Cold Hard Cash. Are they the Burke and Hare of the AARP set, or just another example of geezers gone wild? via
  • keep an eye on those wild geezers flyin' high with 3.4 million... maryh, glad you're back, I missed ye!
  • Aw, thanx Bees! Same here.
  • Hit and runs? I thought homemade elderberry wine (a gallon mixed with a teaspoonful of arsenic, a half-teaspoon of strychnine and a "pinch of cyanide") was more the traditional method.
  • This is a total Frank Capra remake - I won't let them ruin the classics! Anyone else feel ripped off?
  • I am more concerned with the geezerness of all this; women being geezers is not a thought I'd formerly have. But, of course, it makes perfect sense if guys are now geysers. *spouts off*
  • ...every fifteen minutes like clockwork...
  • *enters mumbling and gnashing dentures Yah young'ns have no respect. No respect, I say! *exits flailing with cane
  • Get off my lawn!! *guns engine menacingly*
  • I was only poking the bees nest, GramMa... can I have my toys back now?