May 22, 2006

Could this be Hoff Jr?
  • What a fucking prettyboy.
  • That's Hobie? I am so sad.
  • *gags
  • *doesn't understand*
  • My eyesss..OH GOD MY EYESS
  • Were we supposed to listen to his song? It's been deleted by the "artist." But, who are Hoff and Hobie? (Sorry, old fartess without a clue.)
  • No, you're s'posed to say "who is this putz?" because young people haven't heard of him either.
  • Hoff = David Hasslehoff, star of Night Rider and Baywatch, German rockstar/heart throb, generally rediculous person. Hobie was on Baywatch.
  • German as in that's the only country we could get to take the silly cunt off our hands. He's an American as far as I know.
  • Alex, you forgot to mention that he's the Infinite Underwear guy too.
  • & that he was in Star Crash.
  • And that he is the world's greatest artistic genius sex machine and you people are like tiny little BUGS whom he flicks off his leather pantaloons and crushes underfoot, you scags.
  • You sad fucks. Who among you has ever, um ... err ... OK, I give up. More rotten fruit for anything Hoff-related, please.
  • "Jeremy Jackson TM". Trademarked like any product.
  • HAVEN'T YOU HEARD? The Hoff is returning to US TV this summer as one of the judges for "America's Got Talent" hosted by Regis Philbin. I have to add this to my Signs of the Apocalypse.
  • And there's another funny Hasselhoff animated gif at April Winchell's blog (scroll down to May 7)
  • The Hoff judging who has talent? That's like Paula Abdul judging who can sing... Oh, wait. Right.