May 21, 2006

Nathanael Ritz has created many amusing music videos featuring himself. [Google video--six links.]
  • Also--I suck at HTML.
  • Hahaha, thank you.
  • I liked his early stuff, even when he was lip-syncing German, but I think he got bored with the whole thing when he became an adult. Even his air guitar was off. And, can anyone find a download of the original movie version of Puttin' on the Ritz?
  • I have one--I happen to know him somehow. oO Contact me through e-mail.
  • Sure, no sweat..
  • Even better, I found the video for Newcleus' Jam On It!
  • And as long as old school is in session, The Freaks Come Out At Night!
  • I prefer the videos of his arch-rival, Ebenezer Triscuit.
  • Whoa, what. I didn't realize this was still here. Actually, all of these where made within the span of only a few months. My hair style changed though. Not sure what your actually talking about otherwise, path. But hey, at least you enjoyed some of it. I've made more since. I'll shamelessly plug just my newest one, though D: