May 19, 2006

Try New "Carbon Dioxide"! (Link to page with QT and WMV streams.) Yes, these are advocacy ads for carbon dioxide. The Competitive Enterprise Institute has produced two 60-second television spots focusing on the alleged global warming crisis...

And who exactly is the Competitive Enterprise Institute?

  • Competitive Enterprise Institute Oh, what a give away! /python Almost had me with "neo-liberal".
  • "Why are they trying to scare us?" These videos scare me far more than the headlines. I love the logic in this statement by their executive director: "Where per capita energy consumption is high, per capita income is also high; and where per capita energy consumption is low, per capita income is also low. Thus, if we are to rescue mankind from the perils of poverty, we must dramatically increase global energy consumption." Indeed. You'll note, too, that where people are viewing a lot of online pornography, per capita income is high; and where they're not, per capita income is low. Therefore...
  • I love how they call it the "alleged" crisis, as though the theory is still sitting in the local drunk tank, waiting for its court-appointed attorney. Glaciers are retreating! The cowards!
  • Fuckers
  • Defective slime creatures.
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • I had been drinking in my local and the Aussie beside me turned out to be a scientist who had just gotten back from Antartica. He explained somethings to me over a few pints. Extremely cold places are generally very dry places, ie Antarctica and Greenland. so as they warm up they become more humid. More humidity equals more snowfall, more snowfall equals thicker ice-pack. Being a P.R. flack means that you creatively lie for your paycheck. That must seriously fuck up your mind over time.
  • Mmm . . Slurm.
  • So, according to a guy in a pub, the ice caps are not melting. Oh, I don't know what to believe!
  • Being a P.R. flack means that you creatively lie for your paycheck. Do what you love, and the money will come! disclosure: I just quit a job as a marketing executive to take a position at a PR firm That must seriously fuck up your mind over time. My Infernal Masters have telepathically assured me that this is not the case.
  • I also have "relations" with members of the "public" - by which I mean that I'm a dirty fucking slut.
  • pretty much the same thing, except they'll pay me, which necessitates the use of entirely different descriptive terms.
  • quid, where ya' been you dirty fucking slut?
  • speaking of more descriptive terms... i thought "global climate change" was preferred to/more accurate than "global warming"? ianad
  • I want beach front property.
  • I would love to lie for money. I think I could be good at it. Fes, your comment above was the wittiest thing I've ever read. See?
  • did anyone hear the crazy lady that called into c-span (in response to new pseudoscience garbage story from teh national review) this morning and said that all the ice in alaska was going to melt and then the russians were going to come over the landbridge but they would all be destroyed by the united states as part of some apocalyptic prophesy? i lolled. the people that buy into CEI's misinformation don't care for the science; they're certifiably nutbar. THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING
  • Monkeyfilter: I would love to lay lie for money. I think I could be good at it.
  • bee verse-subtle do both
  • you layer!
  • You fryer!