May 18, 2006

Monkey fiction Because thursday is the new Friday, and everyone has 15 minutes to blow off around 3. Those of you for whom 3 pm and/or thursday has already passed, read it faster. Or backwards. or whatever.

You might like some of the other works posted at the site I ripped this off from

  • Well, I read it, thanks, and I enjoyed the concept.
  • Took me a while to notice the URL and realize this wasn't true. Great story, but I wanted to be a chimp god! Chimpgoddammit...
  • I thought it said "monkey friction". I got excited.
  • Prevert!! And I lubs me some SiFi--good sites for a moment or to of "research" at work
  • Am I alone in hating it? I thought it was preposterous. Altogether too humanising the chimps. No violence in chimp society? It's full of violence. Twaddle.
  • It's still a good post, though, I hasten to add.
  • Just what kind of scientists were these, talking about their own god with the chimps? So much for the Heisenberg principle.
  • That was really good.
  • Chy, I don't know if you're alone in hating the story, but you do have a point. Personally I thought the story was pretty good, but not among the best on te site linked. My favs so far were "Understand" and "the Screwfly Solution." I liked them because when I read them I thought, "huh. that was a pretty good story." Then a few hours later I go "woah. what a concept." That to me is what makes great scifi.
  • It was well written, which imho elevates it highly. I don't like poor prose. I have been spoiled, & freely admit I am a sci-fi snob. I can't read sci-fi anymore because I am too opinionated! It's probably jealousy.
  • No, it's probably conjunctivitis.