May 09, 2006

From sand and lake water. Some impressive structures spring from the simplest ingredients.
  • Wow. I say, wow.
  • These are great. It must have been hard to choose a winner, as so many of these sculptures made me pause and sigh.
  • Very cool indeed! I wonder how the hell you build stuff like that.
  • Those are great, and another fabulous reminder of how talentless I am.
  • I have a hard time believing that hey don't mix in something sticky like glycerol or some such when they build these. Plain wet sand just doesn't do this naturally. Unless I'm wrong, and these folks are some sort of evil sand geniuses.
  • Can they use molds, I wonder? And does anyone else find this entry from the US to be disturbing, at least from the angle at which it's photographed?
  • The rules say only sand and water are allowed. Although when they are done they spray it with something. Also I think tools can only be a certain size.... I think they are evil sand geniuses.
  • I can't even get the sand on the bottom of a regular sand pail to come out evenly when I try to help my son.
  • Arf! Website down!
  • Oh, nice guys! You broke another website! We're going to have to start visiting these places in shifts. Monkeys 1-500, your time slot is between 4:00 and 4:15 pm EDT. 501-1000, 4:16-4:30 and so on.
  • wingnut, the answer is to grease the bucket.
  • We just can't have nice things.
  • I thought the secret was that they start with a pre-packed block of sand and carve out a sculpture. and by pre-packed that would be uber-pre-packed. they must have some sort of ideal compaction and water/sand ratio and you probably even need a special kind of sand (not so special that it isn't found in abundance on a beach, just that any old beach or desert might not have the best sand for this application). but what do i know.
  • I saw a short documentary on a similar festival that is held in Thailand (if I recall correctly). Seemed like each sculpture had a small team of people armed with water bottles - - they kept running around "misting" the sand to keep it just right.
  • Oh my god. Amazing.