May 09, 2006

Thumbs up. Up from the under.
  • Not sure I'd look that cool and collected after 14 nights in a hole. Tough blokes, miners. Glad they made it.
  • It's bloody ace. Best news all year. A tragedy that Larry Knight didn't make it. Brant, Todd & the crew being there'll get the Knight family through. "They are good fellas," the rescuers told the Seven Network. "(Brant) is just a joker, he'll be cracking them up now, having them all in fits of laughter. He's just a true blue full-blown Aussie larrikin." Can't really know what top people the blokes (& the sheilas these days) & their families are until you do the life. Miners going way back in our lot. A lot of jokers and funny bastards with attitude. Learned this from me dad: Life's too short for whinging on bugger all & feelin sorry for yourself. If you're going troppo, see a quack, if ya can't see, get specs, if you're feeling crook, see a doc & take the bloody pills. If ya hear some nasty on a mate, front the bloke on the subj' before ya take on any bullshit. If your motor karks it, walk or cadge a lift. A good yarn'll sort out most bullshit. Smack someone round the ear only if you have to, anyone ya meet's a mate until they show otherwise & ya can bullshit all ya like but don't bullshit yourself.
  • So glad they made it.
  • Wow. Relief and admiration.
  • Miners going way back in our lot. You're Welsh, aren't you?
  • *Diet Pepsi spit-take*
  • And that is truly amazing. I've been thinking of these guys since the news came out that they were trapped. I can't imagine the fortitude it must take to stay calm in that kind of situation.
  • well thank god they're all right...(i was hoping they'd be cuter...oh well, put em back)
  • Nope, not Welsh. Old English going way back. 5 gen' Oz.