May 09, 2006

In Spain the Socialist Party has introduced a bill to include simians in the world of people. If the bill passes, one assumes that upon adulthood said simians will, be granted the vote, a drivers license and they will be permitted to drink alcohol?? Next thing you know,,one of them could be a world leader.
  • Of course, this is one goals of the
  • I presume they will all be freed from Spanish zoos, circuses etc., free to roam at will and life their lives?
  • wow, I can't believe I just did that!! "life their lives"
  • yeah, i call bs on this one, seeing as this is from the 25th of april and nothing of the sort happened.
  • I searched for the spanish herald site, I missed the great ape project post. I will now return to monkey lurking(grabs banana,,goes away mad)
  • No, you're alright - making an FPP of something which previously appeared only in a comment does not constitute a double, as I understand it. Just thought people would want to know about the earlier thread.
  • This strikes a great blow for the Canadian Monkey Party!
  • The simple idea of extending personhood is an interesting one, it has a sci-fi feel to it. If a machine like HAL actually existed I am sure demands for rights would soon follow. Not from the machine, but from people who want to bestow rights on apes.
  • retank, don't relurk! Come back out. And cool post! Also, monkeys should absolutely have person status. It'd be so cute, seeing them run around in their business suits, and driving cabs, and hosting the news...
  • ...becoming President...
  • Excellent. Now they will have to get jobs. Lazy banana eating loafers.
  • Ha,, Monkeys drink more alcohol when housed alone, and some like to end a long day in the lab with a boozy cocktail, according to a new analysis of alcohol consumption among members of a rhesus macaque social group.
  • Ah, that ain't nuthin' compared to what I hear about the MoFi boozy get-togethers!