May 09, 2006

"You have really wierd dreams when you pass out" according to Atlanta Journal Constitution staffer after his flight with The Blue Angels in a F/A-18.
  • That was hilarious. The first pass-out was like watching Palpatine become the Emperor. I kept waiting for him to vomit lightning.
  • Yeah - that must be a total buzz! He didnt look well at the end though. One more turn and the Thick and Chunky soup would have been loose in the cockpit...
  • ooh thanks grover, that was a fun watch! hubby and I just viewed the whole set. ultimate judgement: the dude's a wuss :P
  • Curse this hotel wi-fi! I need some serious bandwidth. Fun post!
  • I did 4 G's in a sailplane over the Mojave desert many moons ago. Loops, dives, etc. This guy did something like 7 + (according to him. Fun fun fun till daddy takes the consciousness away...
  • Wow. A new appreciatation for the Blue Angels. Next time I'll really salute them during their summer tours (and it won't be beer-inflicted).
  • Flying in one of these babies is one of the things I regret I'll never experience. It must be just unreal. Max Speed: 1,032 kt / 1,183 mph
  • Just as a side note, today is August 3. This weekend is Seattle's Seafair which will include the Blue Angels. I wanted to show some friends this video, but the AJC has decided that it should cost money, even though the damn thing was free for so long. *sigh* The Ripoff in Action If anyone has stored this away on their machine, drop me an email. I'd like to see it again, but it really isn't worth 20 bucks. Thanks!
  • Okay, I'll stop whining. Internet: 1, AJC: 0. The video (or most if it) seems to be available hidden away in tiny, dark, orofices of the 'net. For instnace, I found it here and here for starters. I did not find the end piece where the guy says he'll stick to helecopters, but that's okay. Long live linking.
  • MonkeyFilter: hidden away in tiny, dark, orifices of the 'net.