May 09, 2006

Aw, crap. This really bums me out.
  • I don't understand how a relatively young bloke can just feel a little poorly, go to bed and wake up dead. At 48 that is just out of order. Did he have a heart condition or summat? I haven't been able to find out the cause.
  • People can have heart problems without even knowing it. Mark Sandman of Morphine dropped dead on stage due to a previously-undetected heart condition. He'd been healthy as a horse prior to his death.
  • People can have heart problems without even knowing it. Absolutely. And even if they do, there's still a chance that they can't do anything to prevent it. There was a St. Louis Cardinals pitcher named Darryl Kile who dropped dead of a heart attack in his hotel room while in Chicago to pitch a game against the Cubs. He was a hell of an athelete, in tip-top physical shape, took good care of himself, and knew about the heart condition and took all appropriate measures, but died anyway at the age of 33.
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  • Yeah, I'm afraid a fatal heart attack is the first symptom for a surprisingly large number of people.
  • As usual. Never Heard of him, Never heard of the band therefore not important.
  • How apropos your comment is to your name, vitalorgnz. Is there a story there?
  • Never heard of you, either, Bobby Turner. Remind me to drop by your funeral and say the same thing to your family, eh?
  • Yeah, really, Bobby Turner. Just 5 comments in a year and a half on MoFi, and this is important enough to be one of 'em? Grow a heart.
  • Has anyone heard anything more about cause of his death? I'm very curious.