May 08, 2006

Remote control gone mad. Thank you, but I prefer not to allow people to remotely control my brain.
  • That's just bad-sci-fi creepy. "What's this button do?!" *seizures*
  • It's here. Sure it's a dead frog now...but it'll be a cadaver soon enough. Is it a zombie robot or a robot zombie at that point?
  • I'd rather be an undead zombie than a dead dodo. My master has made me write this. I am trapped. Help me. DON'T PRESS THE RED BU......
  • Sit back and wait for the blue screen of stroke.
  • Northstar is also conducting a feasability study for tinnitus. Ohhhh, now that's something I'm interested in! What the heck, I know I'll be needing the stroke-buster someday. Damn you weak flesh.
  • No f# way am I connecting a pda with Microsoft pocket pc to my brain.. I'd rather do some nasty drugs..
  • The bit that worries me, kilgates, is the Bluetooth. Hi, would your cellphone like to peer with my brain?
  • Bluejacking!