May 07, 2006

Envelope and Letterfolding For those of us who do not rely solely on email.
  • OK, now I need a post about how to make my own paper.
  • Bees would like this link. *sniff
  • Making paper ... Ironically, it involves using paper.
  • I wish I was smarter so I could figure out what those destructions are. Duh de duh duhhrrrr . . D'oh
  • For a long time, I used this Origami CD case guide for easily making CD envelopes froma single sheet of letter-sized paper, to give discs to friends and such.
  • Bees would like this link. *blows nose loudly into tartan hanky*
  • OK, I've been buried in work for weeks, and I'm just coming up for air. Where's bees?
  • He seems to have OD'd on ice cream or something.
  • Ahhhhh... I haven't been completely buried. But I've missed you guys! On topic, why am I such a bad correspondent? I can never make myself sit down and write a letter. And I'm forever buying greeting cards and not sending them.
  • I'm a total origami nerd. Back when I had a job that consisted almost solely of answering phones, I would sit by the hour folding away. Haven't folded a note since high school, though, so this'll be fun to try! Oh, and by the way... Pornigami
  • Wow, TUM, this sure beats those 'twin towers and burning pentagon' dollar bill folding tricks. And, now, really... what's up with Bees?
  • Lara: Me too--I buy 'em, don't send 'em, feel bad about it. Still don't send 'em. And I just love to get snail mail. *wacks self on head