May 06, 2006

It's free comic book day again

The Gold Sponsor Comics look kind of weak, but some of the Silver Sponsor Ones don't look too bad. Some store will also have a free sampler from Viz, a Wolverine Heroclix, and a Stargate O'Neil Action Figure. It seems like stores are pretty much left to determine the details for themselves. There's no official rule on how many you get, but it looks like your choices are all from the official list. It's mainly just an excuse to visit some local comic book stores, a nerd holiday if you will. It looks like all the stores in my area participating, so it's worth checking out.

  • Here's a comic for free, and it's on-line: Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman, By David Boswell. It good.
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  • Thanks for the reminder, AA. The stores near me unfortunately don't stock most of the silver sponsors. Dang it! Would have liked to have picked up the ones from Fantagraphics and from Drawn & Quarterly.
  • I got The Preposterous Voyages of Ironhide Tom while I was out. Not too bad.
  • I got mine today! Also blew a bunch of money on other comics! This marketing WORKS!
  • At my LCS the owner kept a copy of X-Men/Runaways behind the counter for me. Thank you Ben.
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  • Does free comic book day happen outside of the US? I would have gone to the bookstore if I had known.
  • "FREE COMIC BOOK DATE [Green Light]This Wednesday/Thursday "Infinite Crisis" ends with #7. And "Civil War" begins with #1. And on Saturday it's Free Comic Book Day. Have you started queuing to get into your local comic shop this weekend? Well, if you're in the UK you should survive. Especially in London, given that even with its many comic shops, not one is participating with Free Comic Book Day. It's a lot harder to run a Free Comic Book day over here - the added expense of express flight shipments, normally not as noticeable in the cost of a full price comic, makes it prohibitively expensive if those comics are being given away, especially considering the tighter margins London shops operate under. Nevertheless, the 38 Diamond UK accounts that are participating are Paradox 17 in Poole, Imagination Station in Carlisle, Sheffield Space Centre in Sheffield, Comix Shoppe in Swansea, Central City Comics in Ipswich, Forbidden Planet in Glasgow, Krackers in Taunton, Calamity Comics in Harrow and Watford, Magic Labyrinth in Leicester, Abstract Sprockets in Norwich, Chaos City in St Albans, Off World in Whitley Bay, Comic Connection in Banbury, Batcave in Blackburn, Travelling Man in York, Newcastle, Manchester and Nottingham, A Place In Space in Croydon, Too Fat Goblinz in Croydon, Millenium Comics in Northwich, Asylum Books & Games in Aberdeen, Ace Comics in Colchester, Bounty Hunters in West Kirby, in Berkshire, OK Comics in Leeds, Cardiff's Comics Guru Presents in, well, Cardiff, Close Encounters in Bendford, Comic Culture in Lincoln, The Astral Gypsy in Coventry, Destination Venus in Harrogate and Woodbine Art Limited in Brackley. Oh, and Album 67 in Paris, Solaris Comics and Relax Comics in Athens and Comicworld in Hellas. There are more Diamond UK comic shops participating in capital cities of other countries than in the UK. " Stolen from Rich Johnston @ CBR.
  • This would help too.
  • As in the FPP link?
  • Yes, yes...I was just trying to help.
  • Got a tub full of stuff. Got all the usual DC/Marvel books which isn't really my bag. But did get Amelia and Bongo comics which has a Simpsons episode thingy in it. Also Wizard's book which lists the Top 100 graphic novels of all time. Unfortunately the list doesn't include Love and Rockets, or Mister X or THB or Nexus... what up with that? Best part of the Wizard book are the pix of worst comic covers, faux fights, etc ever...
  • It's Free Comic Book Day!!!
  • What'd we get?
  • I got Owly, The Umbrella Academy, Whiteout, Hunter's Moon, Last Blood, Vigins Comic Special, Unseen Peanuts, Nexus, Little Archie, Mickey Mouse, Battlestar Galactica Season Zero, Family Guy, Astounding Wolf-Man, Viper Comics Presents, TransFormers, Amazing Spiderman, LoSH, and KeenSpot. Whew!!!
  • Dammit, I'm going to miss it this year.
  • I got everything that you got grover! The Unseen Peanuts turned out to be real treasure. Hot damn! It's filled with the uncollected Peanut strips that have been lost and forgotten including the infamous Charlotte Braun! The other hot item: Lynda Barry's Activity Book, it's got a freaky cover but it turns out to be a manual of "how to write" exercises wit funny pictures, an excerpt from an upcoming book. Woo! Plus an Eddie Campbell comic about some 19th century train robber.