May 03, 2006

Kev, you beaut! Have a squizz at the lyrics, the bloke's a bloody cracker. Here's a bit from me all time fave,

"Well, I don't own a mansion, just an old caravan That's been round Australia four times And I'm not all that handsome, and I burn I don't tan And I'd rather drink beer than drink wine I don't play much sport, 'cept for snooker and darts And I worry 'bout losing my hair But I've got a tongue that's 10" long And I've learned to breathe through me ears."

  • i'm starting to get the sense that BasilDrak might be australian, but i'm gonna wait for a few more posts to be sure...
  • Yeah, I can't imagine Kev is as funny as he was when I was ten and thought "Oi, Santa, where's me fuckin' bike?" was hilarious. I'm just going to shift those lyrics to a [More inside].
  • wow. he's like the bad rolf harris. the anti-rolf...
  • There's a good one?
  • Kevin Fucking Wilson? What's Fucking Next? Jesus Fucking Christ, What A Fucking Asshole.
  • So, he's a children's entertainer? He talks a lot of gibberish and has those upbeat kind of Raffi songs. We're rooting for you Kev... whenever we find the opportunity.
  • Yes I believe there is a certain blokey aura about Basildrak..... not that there's anything wrong with that...
  • 'ere Wolof, watch ya bloody langwidge mate, there's ladies present. Bad plonk'll do that to ya mate. Get back on the beer, better for ya! Nuthin wrong with a chunka Ock, Quezza. ~coff~ Catch this one. "So you're the mob got all the rain while we got hardly none; The clouds massed over your place and left us with the sun. Your bit of sky grew darker, while we just got the heat - I watched the storms a-building … my thoughts were not too sweet. I caught a whiff of dampness as the wind began to gust; It blasted all around and then it drowned us in… red dust. Lightning filled the heavens, caused havoc with the power; Yes, we got the black-outs… but we never got a shower. I hope yer sheep get flyblown, I hope yer fleeces rot; I hope the 'roos find all yer grass And eat the bloody lot. I hope yer cattle choke on weed And then all get the shits; I hope that when it rains again Yer roads all fall to bits." From I hope Yer Sheep Get Fly Blown by Janine Haig.
  • Aussie Bush Poetry at
  • Aussie lit' and links.
  • I've worked with him. Great songwriter.
  • My dad likes him.
  • I prefer typical kiwi bloke Fred Dagg (embedded flash movie about bloke stuff, you wouldn't understand, you metrosexuals).
  • Fred Dagg has long since become John Clarke, Melbourne resident and ABC pundit.
  • I know. *sniff*