April 27, 2006

Would any Toronto Monkeys like to play volleyball on Wednesday nights for the next seven weeks? I signed up for co-ed court volleyball this spring thinking it was something new to try that might be fun. Unfortunately, I hate it and can't stand the thought of playing the whole spring session. So I'm looking for a surrogate player. Visit the MetaTalk thread for more details, and email me if interested.
  • Pfft! Sport! Good one Swanny!
  • That would be so cool! If I wasn't in the wrong hemisphere.
  • Oh joy! OH JOY!!!!!!!! I sent the league a message entitled, "I wish I could quit you, volleyball," which related the specifics of my horrible experience and asked how I could withdraw from the team without letting my teammates down. Here’s the response I got: Hey [Orange Swan], Oh dear. What a terrible sounding experience. We certainly never want our members feeling this way. I can withdraw your registration and refund your fee. I wouldn't worry about leaving the team in a pickle as we have people looking to play all the time and there were probably some people absent last night. I'll put forth the paper work for you today - a refund will be done to your card within 7 - 10 business days. I do hope you'll sign up with us again (perhaps try something else) - over 12,000 people play with our league and are happy, so we must do something right! We'll get you in the right spot, I promise! Cheers, [sports league employee who is obviously a lovely woman] Problem solved more than satisfactorily!!!!! I am so happy I could... almost be willing to play volleyball and not mind. But not quite.
  • Someone spiked it at you, didn't they?
  • Well who stays in their rooms all the time and won't play volleyball? Neeeerrrds!
  • I like watching volleyball, but playing the game itself always alarmed me. I think it's a basic human instinct to duck when an object comes flying at your head, but it makes the other people on your team kind of annoyed. In other words, I hear you Orange Swan. I hear you.
  • Pfft. Babies. Whose serve?
  • *Spike-serves to the baseline*
  • *contemplates naturist magazine*
  • this reminds me of when they (ie. my parents, who had obviously never met me) made me play soccer. i was about 12 at the time. about 3/4 of the way through the first game the coach pulled me aside and told me i should really stop chatting with the (really cute 16 year old) goalie for the other team and get out there and try to kick the ball. you know, just once, so the baby jesus doesn't cry. so the ball (i guess by chance) comes down by the other team's goal (i mean we were 12 year olds playing 16 year olds...what were the odds?) and (not wanting to look stupid just standing there in my cute little shorts, leaning against a goalpost twirling my hair around my finger or whatever) i decided to have a go at 'kicking the ball'. kicked it. tripped over it. broke my arm. never played soccer again. and the sucky part was i could barely play nintendo for weeks afterward...
  • Ha, ha!
  • You know that bit where someone yells "dig for it" and you're supposed to dive for the ball and make an awesome save? I don't dig that.