April 27, 2006

Designer dogs are all the rage. They've been discussed here before. But can you tell the "real" designer dog from its humble cousin the shelter dog? Take the test and find out...

My score: 57%. It's a good thing I'm already a shelter dog person.

  • Hell, I can't even tell the cockapoo from the cockatoo.
  • Can you tell a real concetration camp survivor from a jewish computer programmer? Wow, I just had a PETA moment. Please, shoot me and burn everything I've touched. Maybe it's because I only scored 28%?
  • It's a fake test. They randomly switch answers from the ones you picked, once you press submit. I guess they are counting on you to not recall which answer you chose. Try doing it with the answers in front of you. Some of you're answers will magically change to the wrong ones once you press submit.
  • My answers didn't change. Weird.
  • 71% screw PETA!!! :) j/k
  • > It's a fake test. They randomly switch answers this didn't happen to me on two attempts.
  • If this were a blindfolded taste test, I'd probably score a lot higher. Once you've had free range Golden Doodles, there's no going back.
  • "Try doing it with the answers in front of you. Some of you're answers will magically change to the wrong ones once you press submit." Where's the code in the source that does this? I don't see it. And where are the shawls?
  • hmm, it's still happening on mine. Firefox issue?
  • Or gypsy curse? You decide.
  • this is awesome...i see a lot of fad pet ownership here in l.a. and it always disgusts me...
  • Although I'd like a Border Terrier, in reality I'd settle for any old rescue dog. Ah, doggy go woof!
  • I love mutts. I miss my Dachuahuas. *sniff*
  • Never met a dog I didn't like.
  • hear hear! *pants, wags tail*
  • I dunno, Bees. I've met a lot of dogs I really wouldn't want to live with. (lubs me some Kelpies, Border Collies, Aussie Shepherds--all the energetic breeds) (don't care for Labs, Danes, Bernards, etc--all the lethargic breeds) (absolutely can't stand Kick-me dogs or Patio Lice)
  • I already know I can't tell. Since I don't care one way or the other about designer dogs, I guess I'm just a loser.
  • chimpy...Hee
  • If it's a critter, I like it. And this is a defect of character that has gotten me into a lot of trouble over the years. Fact is, I'm easy. And dogs always know how to get to me. Hellishly clever critters when it comes to working their people, certainly far more clever than I am at getting dogs to do what I think I want. But there are clever birds and clever horses, too. 'Tis a world of many snares I'm in. Mostly I've owned mixed breeds and collies -- but never could say no to any dog needing a home. Or hurt. Or lost. Right now I own two collies and there's a smallish Heinz periodically boards with me, but I expect, with the weather warming up and tourists streaming through these parts again, there will be plenty of dumped dogs and lost dogs about. Been known to take in unwanted and stray people, too, from time to time -- but fewer of them. They are, overall, not happy, and therefore not nearly so much fun as dogs or parrots, though equally needy.
  • Our Bees has a big heart. Yea, I'm a sucker for a critter that needs a helping paw, but I'm all for rescue and then finding them a home if they're not my "style" of critter. I've had people ask me why I sold/gave away, or how could I bear to not keep, a cat/dog/horse when they felt that I had sold/given away the best 4-footed friend they ever could have. It's all in knowing what your style is. I just tell them, it's a great cat/dog/horse, but I was just a way station till they could find their real people and their forever home. On the flip side, I have/had three Arab horses that were headed for the canners because they were "dangerous" or "unmanageable" and they are/were the best horses I've ever had. Quarter Horse people have told me that they some of the few Arabs they can respect as they're not "bug-eyed" and crazy acting. Same with my two Kelpie girls. Both were "vicious." Everyone who meets them now says they are the greatest dogs. Different styles.
  • I was always getting in *trouble for bringing home lost animals when I was younger. The local RSPCA knew us very well. * trouble as in my Mum throwing her hands up in the air and saying "For goodness sake gomichild not AGAIN! They must sniff you out or something." And then immediately feeding, petting the stray animal, making them comfy, and taking the animal to the local shelter and helping to find the owner. We lived with a mini zoo - and not once did we pay for an animal. All our various pets were rescued.
  • Hey! I got 100%! Of course, I was judging entirely by photo backgrounds. Not so many shelters have manicured lawns and white picket fences.