April 26, 2006

William Burroughs Book Covers Via Screenhead & The Presurfer
  • Thanks! Looks like I have some more collecting to do...
  • This is very interesting. I suspect it is not a collection, but an obsession.
  • Nice - thank you
  • Wow! All the changes to the covers over the years are fascinating.
  • Very neat for us Burroughs fans, and like TUM said, a great example of design trends and styles. Thanks!
  • The second hand book chain in Vancouver "Pulp Fiction" carries a lot of those old exploitation books that have covers much like the early 50's stuff. My only question is why did they change the spelling of the titles so many times? They are publishers right? They can read the manuscript?
  • I gotta read more of Burroughs' books, it's clear I haven't read enough. Anyone know what "The Cat Inside" is like? Burroughs cared about only 2 things, I read somewhere, probly here; his cats & his guns. Anyone who digs cats is alright by me, especially if they shot their wife.* *joke
  • The Cat Inside is a nice little book - short, but full of little 'animals are great, people are cunts' paragraphs. Slags off fox hunting really well, though the exact words escape me...
  • the pursuit of the russet by the cussed?
  • I enjoyed this one a lot. Thanks!
  • I've seen and heard so many movies/reading/books/clips of William Burroughs... and I admit... I don't get a one. Well, ok, I liked the movie Barfly. Opps... wrong beatnik.
  • He did, unfortunately for him, (and perhaps for his readers, too) like one thing more than his guns. Or the cats. And that was H. Heroin. Junk really sunk its hooks in him. Spent the rest of his life trying to shake his addiction and then stay clear of it. Wrote about his involvement with dope almost exclusively for years and years: what it is like to be a junkie; who is behind the junk, who profits; who is ensnared by the system, who isn't. Tried all manner of treatments from cold turkey to methadone, if I recall aright. Will always wonder what he might have written without that particular monkey on his back, poor devil.
  • The gift of the magi as told by Burroughs. (I usually save this one for Xmas time, but heck, what the hey.