April 12, 2006

Monk Magazine I was perusing the front page when I thought of the shenanigans of a couple of guys who got tired of the rat race, hit the road in a beat up mobile home with their cats and created a magazine.

That magazine you might surmise is Monk Magazine. Think of a travel guide written by a couple of high-camp-dixi-homo-bisexual polymaths. It's as if the B-52's decided quit music and run the "Good Sam Club". I used to take the magazine when my brother turned me onto it a few years ago and found their web presence after doing the random "I wonder what ever happened to...?" google search. I'm not sure if they are even on the road anymore, but the archives are great. Interviews with everyone from Ram Das to Kurt Kobain to Erich Von Daniken to Gus Van Sant. And the reviews of the cities they traveled to are both a hoot as well as being quite informative. Check it out. You might even have fun.

  • I don't like having fun.
  • What is this "fun" of which you speak?
  • I was just reorganizing my books the other week and came across my Mad Monks book. I too wondered what had happened to them and their beloved Bounder. I recall when they did their cross-country trip and came to Seattle back in the mid-1990s. Good to see they're still doing their thing!
  • i treasure my mad monks on the road book... their dashtop publishing was way ahead of its time, and they were a hoot to follow.
  • Ah, I think this link sums up whether you're ready for their kind of fun or not. As for me, I agree that people are neat. It reminds me, to a slight degree, or a zine I did with my brother in the 90s that was focused a great deal on traveling, discovery, and other happy concepts crushed in the steel jaws of today's workaday existence. Ah, to be a mobile monk! *sighs*