April 10, 2006

Neato tunes! I thought that monkeydom might enjoy this page of mp3 goodies. Cool, weird music for you and your loved ones.
  • Hiya Squiddy! Long time noseeum. Thanks for the, err..eclectic page of tunes - some real gems there. How goes the calamari herding?
  • I recognize a lot of those tunes from YTMND.com (Warning: low brow humor)
  • Eartha Kitt worbles! Ska Batman theme! Mingus! Nice.
  • sun ra does batman? life rarely gets better than this.
  • now, i've heard a lot of symphonic arrangements of the super mario brothers theme music, and i just have to say it makes a kind of sense for the tokyo orchestra version to be the best...
  • Excellentamundo.
  • Best Safety Dance cover EVAR.
  • "Home for a Rest" is great too. I'm going to have to make a compilation of great drinking/drunk songs for my next boozerific party. Any suggestions may be posted here. Bonus points if they're as awesomely Celtic as this.
  • Here's a place to start.
  • Okay, "I'm Hungry" is now my new favorite song.
  • Hi, squidranch! A delightful mixed grill here!
  • Hey I can see my house from here.
  • hah! it is funny and a little strange to see this get posted. for the uninitiated, ieattapes = freequonsar = the group "web-log"/bash.org knockoff of irc channel #mefi (#tapes). it is a wretched hive of scum and villainy! 50pts- yep. i *think* most of the ytmnd ones are from pretty_generic... save for spanish flea, which i stubbonly insisted upon because it is, i believe, inherently funny. also, our very own cortex has more of his hawt homebrew troubadour/e-meistersinger mp3 action at his website, the aural times, recently linked here, fwiw.
  • Hello Islander and s'wacky! Found this when I was doing a googling about something completely different, like "8mm brass machine screws" or some other nonsense. One of the wonders of the net...
  • The Woolworth Manager song is beautiful. It's an anthem for bottom rung to store level retail management. (Also, it makes me think of Woolworth's lunch counter gravy and mashed potatoes.)
  • I'm glad to hear everyone loves the tunes! They're all stuff from my own collection, with the exception of the Steve Earl tracks and the last 6 in the assorted list, which were submitted by various people in the ieattapes.com community. I update it semi-regularly, so do make a point of checking in now and again!