March 30, 2006

In addition to .. Complement to Hawthorne Wingo and 'The God Fossil' ..
  • OK pictures are good, they show differences. However,to give it a little more meaning, (and yes possibly only for the uninformed yet inquisitive masses), a brief paragraph describing the general function of the part of the brain affected? Pretty pictures that show difference simply reiterate the already obvious fact that the mind is malfunctioning (or possibly simply functioning in a different way). I suppose the hypotheses will follow, but this smacks slightly of 'oh wow' we knew it was different, and has the smell of the well known 'publish or perish' syndrome. I followed a number of links but couldn't find any reference points for which part of brain function the differences may account for. Possibly the result of my natural laziness or current computer arguments (yes fair call those of you who suggest Pobcac {incidentally the most amusing acronym I have encountered in years and sorry if I have it a little wrong}).Possibly, god forbid - in my scientist years i would have been crucified for this.. data without analysis. Although, given the pressure currently around - analysis just has to wait while you give the taxpaying public something for their money! Given that I am lazy and given the current concern about the links between marijuana use and the development of Schizophrenia - any comparative research there? publishbut the pictures prove it'
  • Interesting, but over four years old? Maybe this would have been better as a comment in the related thread, jeraboam.
  • How is this a complement to the God Fossil thread?
  • Never mind...I just read your comment in that thread.
  • fly has a good point. It is difficult to see much in this except in relation to other types of brain injury.