March 30, 2006

The Ossuary by Svankmajer Yes, THAT ossuary.
  • Svankmajer is of course best known as a brilliant animator.
  • Dem bones.
  • I like the music.
  • Gosh. I had to travel to foreing, alien land a couple decades ago to get a VHS tape of that film, and now it's there on googlevideo? Ah, spoiled kids today... *loves Svankmajer films*
  • This smells suspiciously like a Double. Post. Yer skatin' awful close to the wind there, Nicky.
  • ;)
  • It's Napoleon's Boney Parts!
  • This smells suspiciously like a Double. Post. Hey, I'm a Grup stuck in perpetual adolescence. I can do anything I want. For the record, Svankmajer is a god.
  • My favorite short of his is "The Flat". I'm not going to watch this one because I'm a snooty purist and I'd rather watch it in better quality. I wish a DVD releasing company shared Monkeyfilter's appreciation of his work and would not just release the films that don't need to be translated. Looks cool though, good post.