March 29, 2006

Visit the city of Urville. Except you can't -- at least, not physically. The city exists only on paper, and in the mind of the it's 34 year-old creator, Gilles Tréhin. He has been diagnosed with autism by some doctors, with Asperger's Syndrome by others.

A little information on the city (FTA): - founded in the 12th Century BC by the Phoenicians under the name of «Qart-Sous-Yam» (Carsucia) - name was changed in Urbis (Urville) in the 1st Century BC under the Roman occupation - Urville is a city with 11,820,257 inhabitants (as of 1999), its the largest city of France and even of Europe for the population. Seems like an amazing look into the mind of a brilliant and gifted individual, regardless of his mental (dis)ability. You can visit his personal website for the city here.

  • "...Except you can't." I can.
  • Too too lazy to search too deeply but this rings an Asimov bell??
  • Just for the record, Asbergers is often called high-functioning autism.
  • Aspergers. /anal
  • Ass burgers. /even more anal
  • ha ha ha ha ha oh I never cease to find THAT one a rib tickler, let me tell you.
  • Shut up and sit on this sesame seed bun, you.
  • Holy shit, this is great.
  • The sooner we accept that we're all just figments of this guys imagination, the better.
  • Previous comment signifier: "this guy" may be applied to: a) Gilles Tréhin b) the quidnunc kid c) Chyren d) Phillip K. Dick e) Someone who is just a figment of *my* imagination Please choose one, write down your answer in a safe place, and in six months return to this thread to find out how well you did!
  • Fantastic link!
  • Ah, this is great! The detail is fascinating, and the site seems a fine example of someone following his bliss. *decides to visit Theatre du Grand Coquelicot tonight* Thanks, jim_t! )))!!!
  • Always wondered why pickle slices come to mind when I think of Chy...
  • Re: the FPP: reminds me of this.
  • Still going back through Asimov library - for some reason smells of copy. May have wrong author or copyright but being a sf nerd somewhere in the back of my head a small but significant bell is ringing. Of course I have been known to have to transform into completely subservient and apologetic donkey before now....
  • The guy can certainly draw, as well. Really interesting.
  • Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. -- Rumi
  • Another autistic artist. Stephen Wiltshire's work.