March 25, 2006

Curious George: How to unload unneeded hotel reservations? Is there a good way to find someone who may need hotel reservations in Indianapolis for the Final Four?

My mom, rabid Duke fan that she is, was so sure they were going all the way that she and a friend made a hotel reservation in Indianapolis for the Final Four, and put down the nonrefundable deposit of $900 up front. Now that buyer's [and fan's] remorse has set in, she is desirous of finding someone else who is interested in taking over her reservation. The hotel will transfer her reservation to whoever she names. Basically we want to find some other sucker, er, fan willing to send her the $900 she spent, and transfer over the reservation. Any ideas on where I should be looking? Yes, yes, Duke Sucks, whatever. Our pain is bad enough! Don't rub it in!

  • ebay?
  • Craigslist. She'll get tons of hits, I bet.
  • AskMeFi.
  • ebay: thot of it, but a) she's not currently a member b) she wants to recoup her entire investment and c) one needs a high feedback to sell, no? askmefi: I have so far refused to pony up the five bucks to join mefi. I haven't seen good reason to. Craigslist: That is a good idea. Perhaps after this weekend, when the four schools are known, I'll try posting in the specific cities the schools are from. Thanks folks. More ideas are certainly welcome.
  • HAHAHAH DUKE SUXXX!!!!!1111ONE111111thenumberone!!!111 (sorry, Maryland grad, and yeah we didnt even make it so I should shut up) Anyway, yeah, once the teams are decided, I bet there will be tons of buyers about.
  • Good question. I'd second (third?) Craigslist, but I bet you'll get interest when it comes down to the wire . . .
  • What about SportsFilter? Or go some fansite for one of the Final Four teams.
  • I thought about this post while I was watching the fireworks go off over George Mason U. about a half a mile from here. Damn, what an amazing ride we're having. You got tickets to go with those reservations?
  • Sent you an email, Itchy.
  • Here in Indiana, last night one of the local Indianapolis news shows had a blurb about how even though a brand new hotel just opened up this week there is still a shortage of hotel rooms in indy this week.