March 24, 2006

My Life in the Bush of Ghosts David Byrne and Brian Eno's groundbreaking 1981 album sounds just as fresh and new today. But now it's even fresher and newer with a new remastered and extended version coming out shortly. The accompanying site has lots of information, sounds and sights to go along with the rerelease. Sort of Friday Flash-y stuff, but not really...
  • Aah, yes. I remember when I found this, together with his Knee Plays music, in a bargain bin in Clearwater. I thought it was fantastic stuff, but I was certainly alone in that assessment. Since it's part of my tape collection, I haven't listened to any of it since my first car died. Definitely needs to be replaced. Thanks for the reminder, es el Queso!
  • derail: Knee Plays isn't out on CD or anything other than LP or cassette. I mp3'ed it tho, so if you want a copy, email me about it and i can put it on my server. My sister worked on the production of the Knee Plays at the ART in Cambridge, but I love the music on that album as well.
  • Yai! Well done! My fav was that line about 'drifting slowly through a field of moving vehicles...' Dunno why.
  • Read the book they took the title from, it's demented. PS, great record.
  • The Knee Plays was justly and simply great. ("..At least, until the groceries ran out.") David Byrne re-assembled the brass ensemble that he used in that record to use in a benefit in NYC. You can read about it in his blog.
  • This is one of my all time favorite albums ever, I discovered it back when it was brand new. My friends couldn't make heads or tails out of it, but then again they were hicks in a small town. I knew though, oh I just *knew* this album would change everything for everyone. Now look at us! I didn't even bother to check when it was coming out before rushing out to my record store just now to get the newer version. Only after I arrived and found the bin vacant did I found out 'not until April 11th.' Damn! ! ! Well, I still have the original, so I can listen to that until then. . .
  • love this album.
  • "you hear voices? you do, so you are possessed. you are a believer, born again, and yet you hear voices and you are possessed" fantastic stuff
  • OMFG, NEW ALBUM AND TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who wants to go with me? I am totally catching every possible show i can get to. They're gonna play stuff from all their individual and T. Heads collaborations!!!!!!!!!!! *changes jeans*