March 19, 2006

Johnny Lydon On Jimmy Kimmel The Rotten Man tells Kimmel why the Sex Pistols refused their induction to the Rock $ Roll Hall of Fame.
  • WARNING: embedded video; Quicktime required.
  • Love the T-shirt at the end; made it all worthwhile. I need to say I've never really listened much to the Pistols, and I lost a lot of respect when PiL came around, but good for Lydon for sticking to his guns. Although if he really didn't care, just not showing up would make him look like less of a media whore than all of this public outcry.
  • Aren't cranky old men just the greatest?
  • Then again, he is on Jimmy Kimmel. Oh, and it was funnier when he was being interviewed on NPR.
  • Rotten's autobiography is extremely funny.
  • Funny intentionally, or just funny?
  • IMO just a PR stunt-funny. I.e., not funny at all.
  • Johnny was bad even as a child everybody could tell. Everyone said if you don't straighten up you'll surely go to hell... (Boingo)
  • Y'know, funny!
  • is that funny-weird, or funny-ha-ha?
  • My impression of every Johnny Rotten/Lydon TV appearance I have ever seen ever: LOOOOOOOOOK AAAAAAAAAAAT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE FUCKPISSWANK
  • Well, Johnny's right, of course. It IS a symbol of corporatization and institutionalization and all that. And it's more rock and roll to keep out of it. Absolutely. And if Johnny wants to keep himself in the public eye like this, more power to him. That being said, what's wrong with a museum? If it wasn't there, where would all this amazing stuff be? In the hands of collectors, or decorating the washroom hall at a Hard Rock Cafe. The Hall has some great stuff (and a lot of crap -- depending on your favs, I suppose), from Hunter's first draft of Fear and Loathing, to the axe smashed on the cover of London Calling, to Elvis' Christmas cards, to R.Crumb-decorated sheets of acid, to whatever. And if it's not in a museum accessible to the public, there's no way that we'd get to see any of it. (Not as a whole, anyway.) With that in mind, do the Pistols belong in a mausoleum? Sure. They were a great band, one of the greatest. But "were". Rebelling against authority is itself an institution now, Johnny. Doesn't mean you're not right to do it, but, yeah.
  • The museum claims to have an original hand written lyrics sheet from the Sex Pistols. Lydon told them that it wasn't real. They said it was authenticated and refused to remove it.
  • He reminds me of Ricky Gervais. Is this wrong?