March 19, 2006

SUPER COLOSSAL .. Satriani - brilliant as ever! Listen here to entire CD.
  • Does he let the other musicians play this time?
  • One is perplexed at Firefox's reaction.
  • Just watched the video for Super Colossal. I can't imagine suffering through any other tracks. Seriously, I thought it was a joke for the first minute. That probably sounds snarky, but I don't mean it to be... I guess I don't get his music.
  • I agree, though, reeks of '80's arena rock. Not in a good way. Not impressed, says I. Although he's obviously a virtuoso guitarist.
  • (Man...I really am snarky today. I apologize.)
  • OK; listened to more than half. While I can absolutely appreciate the musicianship technically, it just ain't for me. But far be it from me to impose my tastes upon anyone.
  • techsmith: Joe played after Dream Theater (who played after King Crimson) in ATL a few years ago. He was so "guitar god" cheesey, I was literally doubled over with laughter. To this day, I don't know whether his self-parody was intentional or not. I listened to the first track: overproduced, boring crap. Second track: sloppy, boring crap. That's all I could endure. The sad thing is that I know the guy has monster chops, but something happened along the way. I'll take Steve Vai, John Petrucci, or Tony MacAlpine for my daily guitar god intake, thanks. BUT, it's kinda cool that he's putting the whole thing online -- you know, so I don't waste $15 (or whatever CDs cost these days) buying it in the store.
  • Joe played after Dream Theater (who played after King Crimson) Boy is that order reversed!
  • Satriani's music has just always seemed to me to be extremely cold and uninvolving, regardless of its technical merits. The title track doesn't change my feelings on that, and neither does the vid with the shades on the whole time.
  • Also, Joe stole my lunch money in elementary school and he smells like poop.
  • He actually has that guitar wired into the pleasure cortex of his brain, and the faster he plays it the more intense the orgasm. You do not want to see his underwear after a concert. Or smell it. salty shudder
  • Monkeyfilter: Wired into the pleasure cortex of your brain
  • MonkeyFilter: We really, really fucking hate Joe Satriana, seriously, I heard he killed a kid.
  • Well, I couldn't get any video or music to work, but all y'all haters need to step off the Satch man. Of course he's cold and technical - that's what the stringheads want, baby! Chops that will tear the enamel off your teeth and cause anal leakage! Hard, pointy, superriff mahcheesemo in a shiny brushed metal case with a commemorative lighter! Wizzwikkity beyowwrrrweeedeeldledeldleldleldleyowwwwrrr!! Wh0000! Yeahh!! although, for my money, yeah Steve Vai wins by, like, a lot.