March 16, 2006

A Photographer and his Dog. One day eight years ago, a young landscape photographer from Vienna was visiting a farm near Verona, Italy, when he learned about a spotted puppy with black ears that no one wanted. The photographer, Toni Anzenberger, adopted the dog and named him Pecorino, thinking it meant "little sheep" in Italian. Wonderful story, excellent dog. Home site.

The greatest picture is that of him on the tile of The Church of San Michele Arcangelo.

  • What great photos and story! Thanks, petebest!
  • I usually dislike dogs, but not today! He's a good, well-travelled doggie, isn't he? Yes, he is! Great stuff, petebest!
  • I love Smithsonian. And that's an excellent dawrg.
  • Awww! What a sweet dog! Great story. Very heartwarming.
  • good doggy!
  • that is a fabulous piece - thank you for sharing. (Now I want a puppy.)
  • I usually dislike dogs, but not today! Well, 1 out of 365 ain't bad, Layne.
  • great post pete, here's a big hats off to pet photographers and the pets they photograph everywhere! And you know who you are.
  • I saw this in Smithsonian, and it brightened up my whole day. What a sweet doggie.
  • That dog is cracking me up. I want to give him beer and watch him sneeze.
  • funny, beer makes me expel a gas, but not via the nose.
  • Every time I shared my beer with my old springer, she'd declare her drunkenness by sneezing up a tornado, rolling over on her side, and snoring loudly enough to wake the neighbors. I found that very comforting, but not quite as funny as feeding her peanut butter.
  • this is brilliant. thanks pete.
  • Very cool! What a photogenic poochie!
  • Mmmm, Pecorino....
  • You know, I subscribed to Smithsonian Mag for years - 1993 to 2005 - I cancelled because I don't have time to read it any more. Thanks for linking this, petebest - it reminds me why I subscribed in the first place. Sadly, lately a lot of the articles seem to be in sync with National Geographic, like they're cribbing each others notes or something. Because I only had time to read one or the other I kept my Nat. Geo subscription instead.
  • hey Pecorino isn't wearing a shawl in ANY of these!!! seriously tho, these are fantastic, I love the compositions and the doggie is wooftastic!
  • My favorite part was: As Anzenberger says, it wasn't his decision to go into canine portraiture—it was Pecorino's.
  • How on earth did I miss this first time round? Simply wonderful.