March 07, 2006

Ivor Cutler has passed away at age 83. One of Scotland's best poets, he was also a musician, singer, songwriter, actor, painter, author of books for children, and humorist. He recorded more sessions with John Peel than anyone but The Fall. Maybe you remember him as Buster Bloodvessel from The Magical Mystery Tour?

No clue what I'm talking about? Go here and lisen to Sharks (in Peel 94).

  • That's a real shame. Who'll believe in bugs for us now?
  • He seems like a real character (and thanks for introducing me to "Glaswegian"). Any text of poetry out there? A quick search turned up lots of audio but no written werdz.
  • Alas, I can't install RealPlayer on this machine. Tried searching for his lyrics, but all I seem able to find are recordings. I'm inclined to like this man, simply on the strength of a title called "Squeeze Bees". /textcentric
  • here are links to images of actual book pages. these are shorter pieces, not the longer ones he reads. I'm on the hunt for more though! bees, I don't know if your computer has Windows Media Player on it, but if so that can play the files labeled MP3. I could also be easily persuaded to send a CD of some of his work.
  • here's one--scroll down a bit for Gruts for Tea.
  • The Sun The sun quietly withdraws its light from the bit of earth you are living on to give to the people who are just about to get up. But anyway, you are tired by then, so you just go to bed. Ivor Cutler
  • FEEBLE TRY WITH A STONE - Ivor Cutler Why do I look at the stone -- draw it? Why do I stand apart? I shall speak to it. "Hello stone. How are you?" "Well I have a little pain at the back. It's the damp. A little moss gathering at the crack. Can you see it?" I bend. "Yes, I see," but do not offer advice. A cat is also talking to the stone about tinned food and the stone seems very interested. "Goodbye," I say. The cat and the stone turn and nod. "Come again soon," says the stone. What a bloody cheek! 'Come again soon!' A stone! In front of a cat!
  • a fly crouching in a sandwich cannot comprehend why it has become more than ordinarily vulnerable Ivor Cutler
  • IN A SMALL ROOM A PICTURE HANGS ON THE WALL. I SIT ON A CHAIR TO SEE WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. IVOR CUTLER [it originally appeared in all caps, on a sticker]
  • Death in a Scotch Sitting Room ... RIP Just learned about the death of Ali Farka Toure too. A sad day
  • indeed, dickdotcom.
  • Thank you, patita, for those links. I knew I would like the old boy. And thanks to you, too, pete. Never knew Windows Media Player would work with MP3. /technological incompetent
  • well, that was patita too but I could have suggested it. Just wasn't that quick :)
  • you're very welcome, beeswacky! it's best to hear him read because he's got such a distinctive way about him.
  • "Where is your racket? I threw it away. I didn't need it any more. I hit the ball. That is how you play. The ball went away." Gorgeous. Never heard of the man 'til today, but now I'm a fan. Thanks patita! Although, I can never see the name "Ivor" without thinking of perennial Benny Hill character Ivor Biggun...
  • Is Don Knotts still dead?
  • Don is Knott-dead. Long live the Don.
  • With other women I lie in bed and have sex. With this woman I lie in bed and have love. Everything we do together is love, even sex. Farewell, lovely Ivor.
  • . wonderful poet, wonderful man
  • Very sad. For a quick intro, listen to "If your breasts..." from here. Oh, and: .
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