February 28, 2006

Cleveland March Meetup this Thrusday, 3/2 @ 8:00: Several of us are already going and MeFi/MoFi/MeCha, lurkers, non-member readers and paparazzi are all welcome at Edison's Pub in Tremont. Details inside.
  • Scenic Edison's Pub: 2373 Professor Ave.Cleveland, Ohio 44113 Phone: 216.522.0006 District: Tremont Category: Bar, Patio, Pizza, American "100 Different Beers on the wall - and the bartenders know their brews. Live blues on Saturday nights. Pricing is flexible, too! Everything from a $2.00 Pabst to a $9.00 Raspberry Lambic and everything between. Like Bloody Marys? Barb & Desiree have a great recipe - best kept secret in town!! "
  • Having only ever gotten one shoutout in my life (thanks, piratical L.A. monkeys!), I'm turning my consistent shoutout rejection into a little game. If I make a shoutout demand, and the result is: Total shoutout shutout -- one point. Shoutout given to kit, no Captain -- two points. Shoutout given to kit and pete, no Captain -- three points. Pictagram shoutout to kit, pete, and quid -- four points. Shoutout to a non-monkey, and no Captain -- five points. The more points I get, the more I win. It's all about making me less of a loser. Do me proud.
  • Dude, just go to Cleveland. It's only four hours...five if you actually drive a Renault.
  • /spits coffee
  • Sorry.. could you explain again about this 'shout-out business', I mean how does it actually work?
  • 1. Send email to meet-up attendees, with desired mofi name and message, as well as body part it is to be written in 2. Paypal $$$ to member's account (table of current rates available upon request) 3. Enjoy your genuine MonkeyFilter shout-out! (if you want photographic evidence of it, a surcharge of 25% is needed)
  • *digs in wallet, finds nothing* *digs in Capt. Renault's wallet*
  • I've never been to Cleveland. I expect photos to show me what I'm missing! Blank photos not acceptable.
  • I sent Chy a bunch of money - and not one shout out! That I'm aware of. And that one time on the roof totally doesn't count
  • I had a dream two nights ago that I was at Chy's house. The wife was there. We accidentally woke him up, but he was surprisingly nice about it. He was very sleepy, and possibly stoned. He had a farm with a cool barn. His wife did not wear pants through the entire dream. True story.
  • It occurs to me that it might be a blessing if this new job forces to spend less time away from MoFi. I mean, that's time I could be spending as a tool for the man.
  • No! Be our tool!
  • Our big, hairy tool!
  • *sneezes, sweeps up blanket of fur*
  • Advice from a previous Meetup attendee: Don't MARCH in Cleveland. SIT DOWN AND TALK AND DRINK in Cleveland. Much more fun. And why do we keep calling non-verbal messages "shout-outs"? I'd prefer to call them BILLBOARDS. But that's just me. Anyway, to better prepare for your silent shout-outs, always be sure to bring (1) a pen that can write on bar napkins without (a) tearing them or (b) leaving large ugly ink blobs (2) a pen for writing on human flesh that IS NOT PERMANENT and is visible on various flesh tones (although, traditionally, most meet-up attendees are pasty white folk) and (3) alternate writing media: memo pads, index cards, post-it notes, blank checks, casts, tablet PCs, large balls, CLEAN underpants (white or pastel, NO patterned boxers), brassieres (white or pastel, NO lace), the Beatles' White Album, Colin Mocherie's head.
  • Such valuable shoutout tips, wendell! Just for that, you should get a really nice one from all of the Cleveland monkeys. me, too.
  • I think this is the closest meetup to meredithealand yet! Alas, I can't go. It being a school night and all, I have to get up early to go to work the following day. However, have lots of fun and drink one (or five) for me!
  • I should probably state that Cleveland is a 2.5 hour drive away.... That's why I'm wimping out on the whole "school night" thingum. Have fun!