February 27, 2006

The Obakemone Project:. Japanese monsters and odd beasts. Some seem to be ghosts.
  • Obakemono
  • Excellent! Some of these are disturbing.
  • This little guy looks familiar.
  • This is fascinating.
  • Honto ni omoshiroii desu!!!
  • hides under the bed covers hopes they don't coagulate
  • )))!
  • Screw me for not previewin'!
  • "Honey, did you forget to buy lamp oil again?" "No." "Yes, you did. You'd forget your head if it wasn't screwed on. You got drunk on sake with Hiro and the boys from the fish market, and you came home without the lamp oil. I swear..." "No, really honey! I filled the lamps, but the aburaakago floated into the house as a ghostly fire, took the form of an infant long enough to lick the oil out of all the andon lamps, then flew away again in the same fashion it came. Honest!" "Well...okay. Have some sushi and we'll go to bed." Bookmarked for lots of later perusal. Great find, bees!
  • Whoa, cool! Thanks for the link.
  • Lovely site. Thank you bees.
  • hopes they don't coagulate Alas, too late! Japan itself is a coagulation of islands.
  • I found my little buddy, the tanuki!