February 27, 2006

Airstream Basecamp (I want)
  • Holy crap, dude. You and me both.
  • Wow, I didn't realize that Airstream was still in business. I never wanted to do the travel trailer thing - I'd rather have someone else do the cooking and cleaning, but I always that that the classic Airstream was the perfect vehicle for the traveling engineer. (Those pictured are pretty small examples.)
  • wow that is pretty cool
  • I'd rather have this.
  • The amazing thing is that the Loremo only needs 1.5l per 100km. This is approx. 157MPG! Holy. Scheiss.
  • Sweet.
  • I loves me some old-timey Airstreams, all shiny and aerodynamical. There was a guy called the Surreal Gourmet on the local Food Channel a while back who did a series of shows travelling around in an Airstream decked out as a giant toaster.
  • my dad is the former prez of a retirement home/airstream community where one of the requirements is you have an airstream parked in the drive. His has a flat screen TV, microwave oven, satellite TV dish, queen size bed, etc. etc. Yeah, Airstream is still in bid-ness and they are pimping it in a major way. As for me, I'm a tent campin' kinda guy. But I do give these kinda setups a sidelong glance every now and then...
  • I'm looking for one of those old timey airstreams, to live in while I build my new secret monkey hide-away on the back 40. Unfortunately it looks like all I'll be able to afford is a brick on wheels. (but at least it's not beige)
  • With one tank (20l) you could drive 1,300km. Loremo AG plans to sell the Loremo LS for less than 11,000 Euros (~$13,000). Holy. Shit.
  • Daddy like. I've got my site reserved for second week of July. Can they deliver before then?
  • what i want is my ufo so i can go up in outer space and battle all the other robots... *sigh*
  • Did I read that right? The Loremo is only 13K? Put me on the reservation list. I'd even be willing to trade in my Airstream. (assuming I had one, of course)