February 22, 2006

Curious George: Nero 7 is it crap?

this is pissing me off. Trying to burn a music CD- should be simple, right? I have used this exact burner to copy DVDs lately and it works flawlessly. Now I'm trying to make a simple music CD and it has a bunch of little audio dropouts every time- and in the SAME PLACES-- the first one is 11 seconds into track one every time. There is no problem with the mp3 I'm burning from. The drive is fine for copying DVDs. So does Nero 7 just suck or what? Anyone else have this issue? (specs = Windows XP home, more than enough processor and RAM to burn a damn CD!)

  • No, it's carp. That's your problem. The fish.
  • If the dropout is at the same time on each track, that sounds to me like a buffer problem. That buffer problem could live in the hardware or the software, and the only way to isolate that for sure is to try to burn with a different piece of software and see what happens...
  • Agreed. Try burning with WMP or iTunes and see if you get the same problem.
  • Yeah- I just used FocusAll CD/DVD Burner and it burned beautifully. I like that program better anyway but my trial ran out so I had to pay $25. So to answer my own question, yes: Nero 7 is crap.
  • drjimmy11, your problem here is that you've been fucking about with your computer - using other programs, playing your "computer games" - while Nero7 was trying to do it's work. This ties up memory, which, as everyone knows, is a recipie for disaster. You just can't fiddle with RAM while Nero burns.
  • *is too awed to applaud*
  • I've seen numerous people online complaining that Nero 7 is crap in comparison to Nero 6. I wouldn't know perosnally since the horror stories I've read have convinced me to stay with 6 which works pretty flawlessly.
  • This thread is actually a microcosmic Beckett play.
  • *votes for quidnunc again*
  • So it looks like Nero 7 is crap (good to know, I won't ever upgrade), and quidnunc wins.
  • Quidnunc wins.
  • I actually haven't had problems with 7 at work - except that it sometimes forgets what I'm trying to do. I tell it to copy a CD, then it dutifully opens up the burn program and asks what kind of DVD I want to copy. Doesn't do this all the time, but often enough that it bugs me. I'd be more pissed if I paid for the software myself... not pissed enough to go back to the Nero 6 that came with my last burner though (although I still use it at home, where that burner lives). You running the lite version, the ultra version, the corporate version, or what? I've got 7 Ultra, running in expert mode. I've seen weird things happen in the non-expert mode in other versions, so I don't use it.
  • I've had similar trouble burning directly from MP3 to audio-CD. I was burning MP3 files that played back perfectly with Winamp. But the burned CDs had audible glitches (always at the same elapsed times) where the Winamp-played MP3s did not. It seems that Winamp (and probably other playback-focused MP3 programs as well) is very savvy about playing files that are slightly damaged, and is able to recover from or hide errors that cause other MP3 decoders to freak out. My MP3 files were slightly corrupt, and although Winamp could play them well, the less-sophisticated MP3 decoder in my CD-burning software could not. MP3 files collected from the internet are surprisingly likely to contain encoding errors or other types of minor corruption. Eventually I tried using Winamp to convert from MP3 to WAV, then burning the audio-CD from the WAV files. That worked perfectly.
  • Interesting- the files I was burning are mostly downloads. But the bottom line is they burn perfectly with this FocusAll thing, which was only $25. I would be happy to never see Nero's clunky-ass overcomplicated interface again anyway, even if it did work.