February 08, 2006

Justifications of genocide by Savitri Devi on flawlesslogic.com - don't let any names fool you here. Note the impact of the social climate on her 15 year old Bengali servant and his willingness to believe what older kids tell him - not your average Hitler Youth. [WARNING: NSFW - RACIST PROPAGANDA SITE]

Ironically, the main address of this page is: library.flawlesslogic.com, which, apparently, would have you believe '"Racism" is the central heresey of the last half century...' What I find interesting is the website author's use of Devi's hard science background to confer credibility to her claims about theology, which remains pseudo-science (so far, but please don't ask me to believe). Flawlesslogic, indeed.

  • I think she was justifying the caste system, and the natural superiority of the Aryan. The Hindu - Nazi connection is new to me, as is the history of the Swastika in Germany.
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  • makes sense I guess thanks for the link!
  • The christers would really like it if nazisim wasn't aryan christers but was actally a secret hindu thing or maybe a satanic cult or just about anything except them. Too bad.
  • The entire thing made sense to me, you know the whole "Racism is the central heresey[sic] of the last half century" & "why genocide was good" thing. And then you, Cardenio, come along and get me all confused again. Now I have to read the whole thing over, and it's already past my bed time. Damm eht internets can be dab sometimes.
  • Actually "heresey" was my typo, just so ya know.