February 04, 2006

Seth Fisher is dead. A great comic book artist gone too soon.
  • It doesn't say how old he was, but that is some big talent from the links I saw. You get the feeling he could have filled up a wall with one scene.
  • Yes his artwork is pretty amazing. And the story is indeed a sad one.
  • July 22, 1972 -- January 30, 2006 He was 33, an untimely death. The second link says he fell seven stories 'off the roof of a club in Osaka'. Is there any firther explanation elsewhere?
  • My fiance is a comic book artist and has been bummed about this since he heard earlier this week. He didn't know Seth personally. When I heard yesterday that the manner of death was a 7-storey fall in Japan, he was speculating that maybe Seth was goofing around (something he was apparently known for). I said, "It might be a lot simpler than that, if it was in Tokyo or Osaka - clubs in those places can get really crowded, and Japanese have a smaller concept of personal space than Americans do. He might have backed up right over the edge of the roof while talking to someone, or something like that." Sure enough, Osaka. But that doesn't mean I'm right about the rest of it.
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  • verbminx - I've been in plenty of clubs here in Japan, and never one that was so crowded that it would put people in danger. I've also seen people looking out for eachother in places that have a dangerous element (like that silly club in Ebisu with the long dark staircase where the only lighting is candles placed on the steps). And although it is true about the concept of smaller personal space, after you've been here for a few years you get accustomed to it and not stress about it so much. It also seems strange that a club on the 7th floor wouldn't have some sort of barrier to prevent such accidents, plus the fact it's bloody cold here now and most people choose to stay inside and party. Speculating further, unless the club was in a major party area, other businesses aren't too forgiving of noise, and wouldn't put up with a crowded gathering on a balcony from a club. There has not been much news in the gaijin circles here about what happened. If the club was in violation of any rules, or a sinister element was involved it would be all over the news (and indeed the gossip). Seems like it was a miscalculation which led to a tragic accident. (of course I could be completely wrong too)
  • The Secret Headquarters is holding a retrospective tonight and all proceeds will go to his son's education fund.