January 29, 2006

Hard Drinkin' Lincoln "Abraham Lincoln: statesman, leader, beloved President - and America's favorite boozehound! "Hard-Drinkin' Lincoln" shows us the real Honest Abe: a loud, lewd, obnoxious guy in a big hat -- the kind of guy you sit behind in the theater and just want to shoot. So come knock one back with The Great Emancipator!" Spectacularly tasteless and funny flash cartoons.
  • Hmmm. Ok.
  • (Not seeing teh funny)
  • It's not particularly funny, but the music and attitude are strangely delicious. It's reminds me of a short you'd see on Southpark, like Fat Abbott. The Brew Ha Ha episode has some decent parody. I saw some (c) 2000 dates one some of the videos, so I assume this is pretty old.
  • There used to be a free animation site called "Icebox.com", and this was one of their shorts. I enjoyed it for the spectacularly non-sequitur humor of it. They had better shorts though--"Zombie College," "Mr. Wong," and "Starship Regulars," just to name a few. SR was my personal favorite.
  • Oh, this is from Icebox.com. Never mind.
  • Fuck me, Mr Wong rocked, allegations of its hideous racism notwithstanding. With a theme song featuring Davy Jones! "No matter what the weather, I'll be by her side - we're gonna stick together, until one of us dies". Jesus, good times.
  • The hideous racism was the whole joke. Some people just don't get the carried-to-a-ridiculous-extreme humor. Me, I thought it was teh awesome. I've got 'em all on a cd-rom, somewhere.
  • Mr. Wong = cringe humor? Like The Office? I haven't seen.
  • The hideous racism was the whole joke. It wasn't the whole joke [IMHO], Mr Wong has funny bits that were independent of its "ironic" stereotyping. Anyway, I think we probably think exactly alike on Mr Wong Tenacious, especially in regard to the "allegations" noted above. But other persons might have a contrary view.
  • *looks forward to "Hot Rod Lincoln"*