January 28, 2006

Want to know why Republicans believe what they believe? Paul Gilmartin plays a Republican from Ohio taking questions from dirty liberals. Good times. Quicktime required.
  • Fixed link.
  • Ah shit. I have just spent 20 minutes on Google looking for this guy. Richard Martin (R-Ohio). I found a doctor and a dentist. I thought there can't be that many Richard Martin senators. There isn't. I was right. As it turns out I was on a fools errand. It would have been cool if you mentioned it's a comedian named Paul Gilmartin playing a republican senator in the write up. Ah.. I see. you did. Very funny nevertheless. Thx. Really the guy is funny.
  • Ok I watched again sue me. Pretty funny. I wish I'd read your post: X plays a y. Google got some odd searches from me tonight, hope it don't go down on me permanent record guv.
  • Oh dear it's on the blue and they don't realize yet. Oh dear. LanguageHat where are you? We need your language skills and hats more now then anytime. I.. no we all beg forgiveness.. please help.
  • I shall continue to post random drivel untill I'm usurped. RandomAction. Turing machine. Extortioner and Gentleman.
  • *SMACK* Does that help, randomaction? /tough love
  • Oh yes, and very funny shit. ))), pmdboi.
  • Thanks for fixing the link pmdboi. Me not techy saavy in the brain.
  • A for effort though! Welcome monkeylion!
  • Thanks Koko. More goodness to come. Just you wait.
  • Just you wait *stares beady-eyed* Is that a threat, MonkeyLion*? Ah, what the heck, have a bananar! It's fun to cap in the middle! Love, BlueHorse
  • Shit, I gave the credit to pmdboi. My bad, monkeylion!!!