January 28, 2006

Last annoying year-end list. I promise.
  • Why has no one done a list called "Best Lists of 2005" or "Worst Lists of 2005?" For a few years now I have been wondering why some network has not gone with the "Award Awards." This show would give out awards for things like "Best Acceptance Speech," "Most Surprising Winner," "Best Introduction," etc. The winners would be chosen from other awards shows such as the Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammys, Emmys, People's Choice, etc.
  • psst! awardsawards.com seems to be unregd!
  • In a stunning coincidence, so is www.owlsemen.com
  • As, astonishingly, is ratemyboils.com
  • He's dead-on with #13.
  • underpantsmonster.com is up for grabs!
  • i want to have sex with a duck!
  • Yes, iwanttohavesexwithaduck.com is available.
  • MonkeyLifter.com!
  • Thanks for posting this, Orococo. Mostly because it helped me find info about just why Carlos Mencia sucks so badly. And any of you who like that thief ratfink bastard Denis Leary certainly need to read that rant from Joe Rogan.
  • Yeah, I found that whole Mencia/Leary/Rogan link interesting, too.