January 27, 2006

[Insert Title Here] gives you the chance to become a comic strip writer, collaberating with the creators of PandaXpress - one page at a time. Guidelines here. If you enjoyed the NaNoWriMoNoMoJoJoJo threads, this may be right up your creative alley.
  • PandaXpress was a really good read. Loved how delusional Wikkity is. Dahlia the Panda - hah!
  • oh no! i have missed the point and edited the cartoons themselves. please do not hate me
  • Great, dng! Now, I may be stupid as a salt-shriveled slug, but why the need to show the strip, then describe the cartoon and text in detail. Is it for people using text-only browsers?
  • OK, I guess I see that it's to illustrate the script format. Hmph.