January 27, 2006

Mr. Pibb and Red Vines equals Crazy Delicious (click to play) We've seen rap battles in the past. Some just fade, and some never to be forgotten. Now in 2006 we have the mother of them all.
  • It's kinda weak, but Lazy Monday made me laugh when they flashed the Thomas Guide while stuck in traffic on the 405.
  • West Coast rules you, and ceramics is hardcore.
  • No, no, no. Lame white guys who can't do any better than AABBCC rhyme schemes -- but are conscious of their lameness -- are still lame! That XXL article better have Ice Cube in its Top 10.
  • Did the XXL article really just give numbers 11-20 in its top 20 disses and then ask me to pay to see 1-10? I almost spontaneously wrote a dis just based on that (it turned into a weepy power ballad before I was finished). The best dis I have ever heard was an unreleased song by Eminem called "Canibitch" about Canibus.
  • The West Coast one was lame. Who are those guys and do they have any sort of notoriety or are they just trying to latch onto the buzz around the narnia rap?
  • I apologize whole heartedly for the 20-11 XXL disses. It was late and I was just finishing off my Hennesy and was getting a little groggy.
  • What jccalhoun said. These guys aren't nearly as cleaver. Nice try, but no cigar.
  • Who are those guys and do they have any sort of notoriety... Because it's only funny if famous people tell the jokes.
  • Well, I think the only way this unfunny thing could get circulated so widely is if these people are famous. *Has no TV and knows no one more famous than a few Alaska state senators*