January 23, 2006

[W + (D-d)] x TQM x NA Today = saddest day, May 18 = best day for change, June 24 = happiest day. The dates above according to Cliff Arnall [warning: take painkiller before entering his website], who devised a formula to calculate these days.
  • And he's right, i feel so depressed today. And it will get worse when Mr. Harper wins the elections.
  • Argh, I was trying not to think about how stupid my country can be for one day.
  • Dammit.
  • I made the mistake of reading an article about mothers who have miscarried, so yes, it was a sad day... Oh wait, wrong time zone. Yesterday was grumpy, not sad, so his formula fails.
  • My washing machine seems to be broken, so I was bummed about that. However, that bald spot I found after shaving my head turned out to be just a patch of blonde hair, so suck it, Cliff Arnall's Formula! You have no power over my days! (I shave my head and yet am afraid of baldness. Why, I do not know.)
  • He has all these hippy-dippy workshops (technical term) and then a two-day case study seminar on forensic psychology. Hm.
  • Today the doctor said I have some sort of virus as well as viral conjunctivitis, and that I have to go through 3-5 more days of this crap. Mel: Baby shampoo = doubleplusgood
  • May 18 isn't good for me. Can we change it?
  • layne: we miss you in #mofirc! loto: w00t, so glad to hear it helped. =) yucky about having to put up with the sicky some more though.
  • A girl talked to me today. TODAY IS THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!
  • You'll never forgive me for posting this, but here's an ad for a related page that Mr. Knickerbocker, my roommate, found in the Honolulu Weekly's Mind Body Spirit section. Maybe this will ease my depression? Personally, I've been on a slump since the new year, so some of Cliff's claims are plausible to me. Anyway... NATURALLY NAKED in your face therapy. Call 808-487-7419 or online at Members.aol.com/ Jamesaun/TranceTherapy .html Warning: It's SO creepy!
  • Yikes!
  • June 24, my pops's birthday. Yay, pops! rest easy.